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Invitation for Bids (IFB)

South Nation Nationalities and People Regional State, Shek Zone Water, Mine and Energy Department

National Competitive Bid (NCB) Tender Identification…02/2010

EthiopiaConstruction-Limited-Time-Offer [Tender] - The Department invites bidders for spring development, 50m3 reservoir, construction water ...

To: All Contractor of Category G.C 6 &/orW.C 6 and Above With Renewed License South Nation Nationalities and People Regional State, Sheka Zone Water, Mine and Energy Department wants to get construct water supply project under of the country and invites eligible contractors to submit sealed bids for the execution and completion of the following projects.

No Project Zone  Woreda Amount of Bid Security Category of Invited contractor Main activities
1 Yuti Sheka Andaracha 20,000 GC 6 & or WC 6 above Spring development, 50m3 reservoir, construction water point, existing WP maintenance, construction of valve chamber, construction of pressure break, supply and installation of pipes for gravity main and distribution line.
  1. The bidding is open to all bidders who have a license ofG.C 6 &/orW.C 6 and above as the Requirements stated above. The bidder should have eligibility documents, such as VAT, TIN Trade registration, Professional certificates, renewed trade license
  2.  Bidders should present their license and eligibility documents with their offer. All documents including the bid bond shall state the bidder/s name.
  3.  Interested eligible bidders could purchase the bidding documents during office hours up on Payment of non-refundable fee of Birr 200 (Birr Two Hundred) from Sheka Zone Finance and Economy Department
  4.  All bids shall be in fixed price, no price adjustment is allowed. The price shall be quoted in local cuirency, Birr
  5.  Bids shall be valid for a period of 120 calendar day after bid opening date and must be Accompanied by bid security of the amount stated above in the form of Cash Payment Order. (CPO) or Bank Guaranty only during submission of the bid.
  6.  Bids must be delivered to the address below at or before 2:00p.m on 30th day of floating of this invitation for bids notice on The Ethiopian Herald News Paper. Electronic bidding shall not be permitted. Late bids will be rejected.
  7. Qualification requirements include: For the bidders
    • Bidders should have the experience on civil construction works mentioned in bidding documents
    •  Equipment and Key personnel. Additional Details are provided in the bidding documents
  8.  Bids will be opened in the presence of bidders and or their authorized representatives at 2:30p.m on 21th day of announcement of this invitation for bids notice on The Ethiopian Herald Newspaper. If the so “day is a holiday, the closing & opening of the bid will take Place on the next working day at the same time & the same venue;
  9. The owner reserves the right to accept or reject all or parts of the bid and to cancel the bidding process.
  10. Bidders could obtain further information or clarification with the following address.

Sheka Zone Water, Mine and Energy Department

Tel. No- 0475580513/517

Fax No- 0475580545

Sheka Zone Finance and Economic Department

Tel No- 0475580351

Masha, Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Herald: Tuesday, March 27 2018