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Invitation for Bid

Procurement Reference number: EWCA 03/2010/2017

EthiopiaConstruction-Limited-Time-Offer [Tender] - The Authority invites eligible bidders of GC/BC 6 and Above contractors for the construction of park office building

1. The Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority has funds within the Government Capital budget to be used for the procurement of Construction of park office building at Senkelle Swayness Hartebeest Sanctuary and scout residential building at OMO National parks.

2. The Authority invites sealed bids from eligible bidders of GC/BC 6 and Above contractors for the Construction of park office building at Senkelle Swayness Hartebeest Sanctuary at part of Loke Site and scout residential building at OMO National parks at part of Northern ELEL BAY River within construction period of 120 working days.

3. Bidding will be conducted in accordance with the open national tendering procedures.

S/R Starting Point End Point Approximate to length/kilometer
1 Addis ababa Senkelle swayness hartebeest sanctuary at part of loke site form addis ababa to shashemene to senkelle swayness hartebeest sanctuary to jest site loke. From addis Ababa to shashemene senkelle swayness hartebeest sanctuary (loke site) 310 KM
2 Addis Ababa OMO national aprks at part of northeren elel Bay river form addis ababa to jinca to elel bay to the jest site Elel bay river From addis- ababa to Jinka 738 K.M from Jinca to elel Bay 220 Km

Contained in the public procurement proclamation of the Federal Government of Ethiopia and is open to all bidders form eligible source countries.

4. A complete set of bidding document can be purchased by any interested eligible bidder upon nonrefundable payment of Birr 200 (Two Hundred Birr) for each document from Ethiopia Wildlife Conservation authority office 9th Floor during office hours (Monday to Friday 8:30 12: 30 AM and 01:30 05:30Pm)

5. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from Ethiopian wildlife Conservation Authority regarding to the bidding document, at Yobek Commercial Center 9th Floor. From 8:30 to 12:30AM and 1:30 to 5:30PM working days.

6. Bidders shall present their renewed trade license for the year, VAT registration certificate, Tax clearance and renewed contractor registration certificate for the year from The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Construction registration Certificate only.

7. Bidders must also fulfill the following technical criteria renewed professional license, Experience, and renewed employment Agreement for each professional, purchase receipt of ownership, General Experience of the contractor with supporting documents, specific experience of the contractor with supporting documents, data sheet should be signed and submitted with technical document

8. Bidders shall compete for one project only.

9. All bids must, be accompanied by a bid security of Ethiopian Birr 12,000.00 (Twelve Thousand Birr) in the form of CPO, only for each project site.

10. Bids must be delivered to the address below at Authority Main office (Sengatera square Yobek Commercial Center) 9th floor on or before the 21st working days of the bid first announcement on The Ethiopian Herald on or before 10:00AM. But if the 21st working days of the closing date is weekend or holidays, it will be conducted on the next working day. Late bids shall be rejected

11. Evaluation is to be carried out in stages, technical evaluation will be conducted first and financial bids of only technically qualified bidders will be opened next.

12. Bidders are instructed to submit one “original” and one “copy” of technical and financial proposal in separate envelope each.

13. Bidders shall submit two envelopes, technical information & bid security in one envelope and Financial bid separately in another envelope and should be sealed in an outer envelope.

14. Technical document and bid security will be opened in the presence of the bidders/ legal representatives who choose to attend at the address below on the 21st day of the bid the first announcement on The Ethiopian Herald 10:30 AM. But if 21st date of the opening date is weekend or holiday it will be conducted on the next working day.

15. Bidders are instructed to fill sing and seal all the forms of the bid documents failure to submit this will result in automatic rejection from the bid

16. The Employer reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.

Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority

Yobek Commercial Center 9th Floor (Sengatera square)

Tel: 011 554 68 07 or 011 550 28 73

The Ethiopian Herald: Tuesday, March 13 2018