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 Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an independent international medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid in more than 60 countries to people affected by armed conflicts, epidemics, natural or man-made disasters or exclusion from healthcare. Currently MSF Spain is supporting Gambella hospital health services provision in mergency, maternity & Surgical sectors.

EthiopiaConstruction-Limited-Time-Offer [Tender] - Call for tender for the construction of hospital pharmacy

MSF Spain is seeking qualified contractors with BC/GC-5 and above licence to complete the construction of Gambella Hospital Pharmacy according to the approved drawing, pecifications & BOQ provided. A detailed description of the Construction services required by MSF Spain is contained in the tender documents. Tender documents having General Conditions, Contract Template, Specification, drawings and Bill of quantities for each of the aforementioned activities will be provided from MSF Spain Gambella Office.

Interested applicants can pick up “Tender documents” from 9th to 27th of March 2018 during office hours ( 08.00am-12:30pm to 03pm-05.30pm Monday to Friday, Saturday till 12:30pm) Excluding Saturday afternoon & Sunday . Duration for the contractors to submit their sealed bids is 15th to 27th of March 2018 during office hours.

Tender opening will be done on 28th of March 2018 at MSF Gambela  office on 9:30 AM in the morning or 3:30 Ethiopian Time 


Address your sealed bid to: 

MSF Spain 

Gambella Field office 

Baro Mado area around Health College next to the management institute 

Gambella, Ethiopia 

For further information please contact with, 

MSF Spain, Gambella Office, 

Contact No: +251-929-214-128

Please Note that:

MSF Spain, reserves the right to reject any part or the all the bids. All Bid documents submitted must be put in wax- sealed envelope, clearly marked by “bidders name, address, legal Stamp and name of the project PHARMACY” and submit their technical and financial document in one (1) original and One (1) copy for both, (different envelopes) for each lots all separately wax-sealed to MSF Spain to the address stated above.

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