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Yirgalem Construction PLC

Yirgalem Construction is a Grade-1 General Construction Company which is established as a sole proprietor in 1989 E.C owned and managed by Engineer Zelalem W/Amanuel. Yirgalem Construction has undertaken construction projects such as buildings, roads and water works in different parts of the country.

Yirgalem-Construction-PLC Yirgalem Construction PLC
Yirgalem Construction PLC –

It has an established management team and competent staff most of them have been with the company since its inception. The organization currently has over 10,000 skilled & non-Skilled working manpower in 35 active projects with the machinery and equipment requirements are satisfied as per each contract. Yirgalem Construction Plc is proactive and professional from tender stage through to project completion.

The company’s ethos is one of openness and co-operation.The company has its own office in Hawassa and a liaison office in Addis Ababa. Over the last 17 years the company’s turnover has steadily increased. This controlled expansion of the business to continue with a sharp focus on delivering all projects in program, safely and to the quality required by the clients. It has successfully executed different types of civil engineering works in all parts of the country. These projects include different types of buildings, schools, hospitals, university infrastructures, airports, dry port, sugar factory, laboratories, water supply works, urban drainage, arterial roads, concrete asphalt roads, bridges, and monuments and so on.

Currently it has become the leading multi sartorial construction works contractor, construction materials producer and supplier private company in SNNPRS striving to take the lead at the national level.

General objectives

  • Constructing buildings and related schemes
  • Constructing roads and road accessories
  • Constructing water works constructions
  • Drilling shallow and deep wells

Specific objectives

  • Implementing designed constructions
  • Constructing multi-story buildings
  • Constructing site works
  • Installing mechanical, electro-mechanical and electrical lines
  • Constructing storm water drainage lines
  • Constructing road accessory structures
  • Constructing water supply schemes
  • Constructing irrigation structures
  • Constructing Real state houses


  • Promotion of the construction activities of the country
  • Accomplishing the construction projects in quality basis and timely
  • Preparation of the real states and living houses for different customers
  • Enhancing the water supply and sanitary implementations in urban and rural areas
  • Creating job opportunities for thousands of peoples in various construction projects.

Vision   To see the firm participating  and accomplishing various levels of construction services in the national levels by strengthening technical professionals and important equipments for the sake of better performances in scientific and efficient approach in the coming ten years. In the coming five years the contractor will hope to become class one competent in large levels of constructions such as high ways and roads.


Well qualified and experienced working man ship with a number of professional Engineers and related professionals that are collaborated with good management team and efficient equipments and materials. The company has owned a number of large machineries and vehicles that can an input for the construction works of different projects in parallel manner.

Quality Policy

The top management of Yirgalem Construction PLC and its staff are highly committed to achieve and sustain a reputation for excellence in the domestic and international construction industry by construction and transferring technology of high standards of buildings, roads and water works that can satisfy customer,, stakeholders and regulatory requirements.

This is achieved through maintaining and continually improving the quality management system based on ISO 9001:2008.In so doing our values are quality safety cost effectiveness aesthetics and timeliness that we adhere to within the company’s daily operations.

Yirgalem Construction PLC

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