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Yirgalem Construction PLC

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Yirgalem Construction PLC – Ethiopia

Yirgalem Construction PLC is a Grade One General Contractor (GC-1) involved in Road Construction, Building Construction, Water Works Construction in Ethiopia.

For the past 17 years ,Yirgalem Contraction plc has established a reputation for building many of the most challenging and creative projects : commercial construction for coffee cooperative farmers,hospitals.clinics , schools, colleges,universities,bridges and road and more in many areas. Our principal focus is to work clearly with owners and architects to build a project with the greatest value and craftsmanship attainable.

We also understand that how important trust is in contractor/client relationship.Our clients rely on us to serve on their behalf,ethically and responsibly.We have a track record extending nack more than twenty years , a record of integrity ,expertise and customer satsfaction .Our commitment to this is proven by the fact that returning clients account for more than half our business every year. Our clients value the relationship we build with them and recognize our commitment to quality ,budget and schedule.

Its professional accomplishment since its establishment could lead the company to further development that it has achieved a status of level one general contractor P.L.C in 2008 incorporating additional skilled man power and machineries.

Currently it has become the leading multi sartorial construction works contractor, construction materials producer and supplier private company in SNNPRS striving to take the lead at the national level.

Yirgalem Construction PLC

Head Office – HAWASSA
Tel +251(0)46220 16 02
Fax +251(0)46 220 18 34
Liaison Office: Addis Ababa

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