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United Steel & Metal Industry PLC

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United Steel and Metal Industry PLC in Ethiopia is a company engaged in the manufacturing of varieties of steel tubes or hollow sections, steel profiles and sheet metals of different sizes and shapes which can be used for frames for furniture, conduits for electrical cables, and for conveying water and gases at low pressure. The manufacturing plant and headquarter office is located Mekelle Ethiopia.

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United Steel and Metal Industry PLC Factory

United Steel and Metal Industry (USMI) was established in 2007G.C with the objective of producing structural and furniture hollow sections products. The factory is located in Mekelle City, Elala Lachi kebelle, semen wereda on a total area of 60 thousand square meters.

USMI is one of the metal industries in the country that manufactures range of products. It is now working with a total capital of more than 830 million birr. The fact that the factory have been in the metal business for more than 23years, with the name of AZ Plc, it has contributed significantly to the emerging industries and construction sectors by supply quality metal products. Besides the factory has plan to expand new projects

Vision, Mission, Core Values and Quality Policy

United Steel and Metal Industry PLC: VISION

Become the best reference and leading steel tubes, LTZ & sheet metals and other different profiles producer and creating a HUB par excellence in the metal industry in Ethiopia and by 2035 G.C enhance its capital to 5billion birr.

United Steel and Metal Industry PLC: MISSION

To supply competitive hollow section tubes, LTZ and sheet metals in different sizes to its customers, maximize owners ‘wealth and imparting training, skills & human resources development of the factory: positively influence transformation of the nation.

United Steel and Metal Industry PLC: CORE VALUES

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Reliability
  • Commitment
  • Good governance

United Steel and Metal Industry PLC: QUALITY POLICY

  • Understanding, researching and meeting customers ‘needs and expectations;
  • Creating and maintaining a motivational; conductive environment in which people would become quality conscious;
  • Enhancing quality at a less cost through implementation of KAIZEN.


The Right Product at Competitive Price!

 United Steel and Metal Industry PLC: MAIN PRODUCTS

  • Sheet Metal From 0.5mm up to 4mm
  • Rectangular Hollow sections(RHS)
  • Square Hollow Sections(SHS)
  • Circular Hollow Sections(CHS)
  • LTZ Profiles designed to prevent water leakage during rain through the window.


United-Steel-Metal-Industry-PLC-Our-Products United Steel & Metal Industry PLC

ምርቶቻችን/ Our products from 0.5-4mm thickness

ዋና ዋና ምርቶች

  • የተለያዩ ውፍረት ያላቸው ላሜራዎች
  • ክብ ትቦ
  • ስኩዌር ሀለው ሴክሽን
  • ሬክታንጉላር ሀለው ሴክሽን
  • ባለ 28 ኤልቲዜድ ፕሮፋይል
  • ባለ 38 ኤልቲዜድ ፕሮፋይል


Main Products

  •  Sheet Metal in different sizes & thicknesses/ ላሜራዎች
  •  Circular Hollow Section (CHS)/ ክብ ትቦ
  •  Square Hollow Section (SHS)/ ስኩዌር ሀለው ሴክሽን
  •  Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS)/ ሬክታንጉላር ሀለው ሴክሽን
  •  LTZ 28& 38 Profiles/ ባለ 28 & 38 ኤልቲዜድ ፕሮፋይሎች


Our Product Uses

  • Roof structure such as Trusses and purlins, stair structures, Door and window frames
  • Construction, Furniture structures and Bridge troughs.
  • ለኮንስትራክሽን፣ ግብአቶችና ኬንች ማገር በርና መስኮት
  • ለግንባታ፣ ለስትራክቸር፣ ለፈርኒቸር፣ ለቤትና ለቢሮ እቃዎች


በደንበኞች ፍላጎት ውፍረትና ቁመት በጥራትና በተፈለገው ግዜ የምናቀርብ መሆናችን በደስታ እንገልፃለን፡፡

Our Company Provides Reliable Steel and Metal Products.

United Steel & Metal Industry PLC

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