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United Construction PLC

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United Construction PLC –

United construction PLC is a grade one (BC-1) professional construction company in Ethiopia, we carry out construction projects like infrastructures roads, water plants, pipe lines and buildings.

Main strategic directions

  • Preparing all the task forces for directive competency who will be assigned at all levels of project sites and other established offices before the actual activities of the company held on to practices,
  • Looking the actual policies which have been designed by the governments for the required market interventions in order to get ready our company with the global market in the construction industry and other small manufacturing.
  • Integrating all professional skills, company assets, supplies and other important opportunities which had been owned by our company so as to guarantee and enactment of the strategic goals we designed
  • Identifying and prioritizing the major goals based on the existed situations and then making detail operational plans in each departments which can support to facilitate the designed activities in order to achieve the our strategic goals
  • Detecting the main best practices that support the overall activities  of the designed plans from our company performances and other institutions for gaining proper lessons and applying them to actual practices for quality service delivery,
  • Filling the gaps in skills and commitments which are identified from the conducted assessments timely and developing smart remedial actions to resolve the hindrances in order to practice as well as execute the planned strategies fully and effectively.
  • Undertaking the above strategic directions as every day task effectively at all level, we are going to transform our company to the high level influential construction firm i.e. General Contractor (GC).


Company Mission

Our mission is deriving maximum acceptable and respective quality construction services with the art of professionally oriented engineering technology to the highest satisfaction of our clients through valuing people, creating long-term relationships and communications with internal and external interested parties in the country and east African countries, being cost effective, Timely delivery of service, ensuring safety and environmental concerns as well.

Company Vision

In 2012 E.C or 2020/1 G.C we are going to see that our company transforms itself to the high level construction firm in the country and in the region of east African with the purpose of standing as one of the ten major influential and competitor construction companies in all area of our interventions.

Ways of implementing our core values

  • We talk straight forward

Leadership –Integrity – Professionalism – Accountability – Excellence

  • We work together and we are one team

Integrity – Professionalism – Spirit of Partnership – Accountability

  • We are here for the development of industry

Professionalism – Responsibility – Teamwork – Accountability – Innovation

  • We do what we say we will do

Integrity – Professionalism – Responsibility – Innovation – Excellence

  • We enjoy what we do and we do it well

Integrity – Professionalism – Service – Accountability – Responsibility

  • We are ethical and we give our words

Integrity – Professionalism – Spirit of Partnership – Accountability


Quality Policy of Our Company

United Construction dedicated to provide high quality, effective, reliable and on time service with economical cost in Building, Water Works and Road construction to meet customers need and expectation as well statutory and regulatory requirements.

We are committed to establish, implement and maintain a Quality Management System that complies with the requirement of ES ISO 9001:2015

We attain these ES ISO 9001:2015 requirements by improving our service quality, creating conducive work environment, working closely with our client/Customer and with our employees to ensure that consumers are achieving their expectation.

We prepare our quality policy together with our organizational Quality objective to align its framework and content.

To maintain all these, we review and up to date our Quality Management System to continual improve its efficiency and effectiveness

United Construction recognizes that its strength, reputation and success depend upon competent professional practice, involvement of its employees, customers and stakeholders.

United Construction PLC

Tel: +251-116-67 65 71
Fax: +251-116-67 65 21

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