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TIKS CONSTRUCTION is currently registered as Grade One Building Contractor, Grade One Water Works contractor and Grade-Five electromechanical contractor. TIKS construction was established as Tikikel Yimer Construction in 2010 as grade-five contractor, maintaining healthy growth in the market. The company is currently progressively increasing the market share in the industry as a result we are continuously improving our structure and strategy as part of the improvement. Tikikel Yimer Construction is named TIKS CONSTRUCTION and TIKS CONSTRUCTION is a sole proprietorship company fully owned and managed by Tikikel Yimer.

Today, TIKS Construction is built on extensive field experience, outstanding craftsmanship, skilled and dedicated employees, and superior customer service. The Company has always embraced changes within the industry and thrived on innovation, continuous improvement and best practice in the construction sector and it has developed into a dynamic and forward thinking Company.

Our objective is to build our clients’ dependability when we are chosen to execute their projects. Our emphasis on clear communication and follow through procedures ensures that client’s objectives are top priority in the planning and execution of all our processes.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to be leading provider of infrastructure construction service in Africa.”

Our Mission

We are in business to construct buildings, roads, water works, and electromechanical works and deliver related services. To that end, TIKS’s motto or slogan is ‘We Build Your Dependability’.

To be dependable provider of innovative and current technology based construction services to our customers.

Our employees are the most valuable assets of the company; we strive to insure our company growth in line with the prosperity of our employee and customers.

Safety is our primary concern in all aspect; our projects are points of zero harm for all parties.

Our Goal

With our philosophy, values, and mission firmly in place, we are targeting controlled growth and sustained profitability in the future. Our responsibility to our clients, employees, and all stakeholders remain the principal focus of our operations and is defined by our corporate values.

As we move into the future, TIKS Construction is better prepared now than ever before and will take its ventures beyond the design stage – creating a physical reality that can be touched and felt. With the rough road ahead, we are ready to take on whatever challenges that come its way without losing sight of its vision; all of us at TIKS Construction remain committed to excellence and growth.

Our Values

To further develop our corporate strengths we have established a corporate mandate to maintain strong core values that truly reflect the company’s philosophy. Having stood the test of time, transparency and good corporate governance remain our top agenda. At TIKS Construction the principle supporting this philosophy are permanently ingrained in our corporate values.

  • Strength
    we are a solid partner for our customers and all stakeholders based on the integrity and competency of our people, our dedication and experience
  • Performance
    We demand excellence, deliver on our promises and continuously search for new and better ways to provide the best solutions for our customers and all stakeholders.
  • Passion
    we care about and we are personally committed to everything we do, especially our people and their safety and development, our customers and their success, and the world we inhabit, in particular the people and environment in the communities where we live and work.

Building Constructions

We at TIKS Construction are one of the most trustworthy and respected local contractors in Building Construction that provide new builds, renovations, extensions and general repairs for both commercial and residential properties. Our dedicated team is highly skilled and professional that cover every aspect of the work.

Road and Bridge Constructions

Simply stated, Roads & bridges are nowthe main focus of TIKS ConstructionCompany.  While our early years were spent as building and site contractors we have since evolved into primarily a highway Sub-contractor as a sub-contractor. We maintained to complete successfully different Bridge as and Road projects as main and subcontractor.

Water Works Construction

TIKS Constructions has the highest class special license (WWC-1) from Ministry of Water and Energy for water works and related construction activities. We are very committed to build water works and sewerage line facilities. These facilities are essential for communities to survive and thrive, and we take great care in building these projects for maximum efficiency and longevity.

From repair work to major capital upgrades, we provide the expertise and accuracy necessary to complete the project to the client’s/owner’s specifications.

Electromechanical Works

Electromechanical projects especially power and telecommunication are critical to ensuring the vitality and reliability of Ethiopian’s communities, and TIKS Construction has been a trusted partner with Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation and Ethio telecom in a variety of these projects, both large and small.

We have managed different and challenging projects with skilled craft professionals and have the capacity and knowledge to handle the rigors and requirements of any electromechanical project.

TIKS Construction

Tel 011 663 03 00
Fax 011 663 04 08

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