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Semayata Dimensional Stones

SEMAYATA-Dimensional-Stones-Factory-top-1 Semayata Dimensional Stones Factory

SEMAYATA Dimensional Stones Factory is a new granite processing factory, set up and run under the Holding Company Ayiga Trading and Industry PLC, equipped with the latest art of Italian technology.

The company offices and the granite processing factory are located at Wukro town 45 Km from Mekelle , and it has its own sales branches in Mekelle and Addis Ababa. The company So far owns enough concession areas of granite deposits and working currently on few sites with different colors and textures in Tigray region. From the sites the quarried blocks are delivered to the factory these standard size blocks are main input requirement of the granite processing plant.

SEMAYATA-Dimensional-Stones-Factory-top-2 Semayata Dimensional Stones Factory

SEMAYATA Dimensional Stones Factory will mainly focus and work on granite and similar stones. From the quarry sites standard size blocks are delivering and in the processing plant slabs and tiles of different types and sizes of products are under production which the products complies with the international standards. The waste products of the granite plant will be re-processed and used in the terrazzo making plant for the production of different types of tiles.

SEMAYATA Dimensional Stones Factory: Vision and Mission


To be premier and the largest producer of dimensional stones in Africa


Extract blocks from the quarry site convert in to finished product of slabs and tiles in the granite processing factory. Acquire significant market share both in the domestic and international market to enhance the revenue and profit of the company by securing the environmental impact of the industry.

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Product Type and Size

  • Standard size tiles of 2cm thickness for flooring 60*60, 50*50, 40*40, 30*30, 60*30, 50*25, 40*20 cm.
  • Standard size tiles of 1 and 1.5 cm thickness for internal and external flooring wall cladding: 60*30, 50*25, 40*20, and 30*30.
  • Standard size of stripes for door and window seals, stair cases, coping of 2 and 3cm thickness: Length from 110cm up to 180 and width from 20cm up to 35cm
  • Single and double layer terrazzo tiles of 25*25 and 40*40cm



Free size for counter tops, pool, billiard, office tables, kitchen tops, bathrooms and for other purposes as per customers Preference.

Any special size & thickness requested by the customer in block, slab and tiles.

SEMAYATA Dimensional Stones Factory

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