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Saba Dimensional Stones Plc

Tel. +251-34-771 1311
Fax +251-34-771 1531
P.O.Box 180 Adwa, Ethiopia

Saba-Dimensional-Stones-PLC Saba Dimensional Stones Plc

Saba Dimensional Stones PLC –

Saba Dimensional Stones Plc produce marble, granite, limestone, special terrazzo, normal terrazzo much more…The attractiveness, beauty and strength of saba stones have witnessed in some of the residential and business house and buildings construction in Addis Ababa.

Some of the examples decorated with strong and high quality saba stones:

  • Addis Ababa Police Commission
  • Fana Broadcasting Corporation
  • Haile Resort (Awassa)
  • Wassamar Hotel
  • African Union
  • Addis Ababa Terminal
  • Mekele & Axum International Airports

Saba Dimensional Stones PLC

Tel. +251-34-771 1311
Fax +251-34-771 1531
P.O.Box 180 Adwa, Ethiopia