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Oromia Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise (OWWDSE)

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Oromia-Water-Works-Design-Supervision-Enterprise Oromia Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise (OWWDSE)

Oromia Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise (OWWDSE) –

Oromia Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise (OWWDSE) is a professional organization, which is specialized in undertaking the study and design of medium-to-mega-scale development projects. It also carries out contract administration and construction supervision of projects on behalf of its clients. It is undertaking such tasks in Oromia Regional State and beyond (or in other regions like Afar, Gambella, Somale and Tigray). This has heightened the visibility and reputation of OWWDSE. The purpose of this brief profile is to reveal a short account of such representation.


OWWDSE was established in May 2006 with Proclamation No. 66/2006 of Oromia Regional State to work as a public enterprise.  The Enterprise is entrusted with the responsibility to contribute to the effort being made by the public sector; and is engaged mainly in the study and design, and contract administration and construction supervision of water resources, road and building projects.


OWWDSE aspires to be center of excellence in providing technical consulting services at international level


Oromia Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise (OWWDSE) is determined to professionally provide study, design and supervision consulting services to the highest standards of quality, within the agreed timeframe and at reasonable costs to its clients, through long-term partnership that satisfies clients and benefits the community, its employees and the environment at large.


OWWDSE works to achieve holistic purposes pertinent to its mission. Currently, it is striving towards meeting the following specific or major objectives:

  • To bring about a dramatic change in its endeavors;
  • To accomplish its mission with possible minimum costs;
  • To rise its competitive level in a rapidly changing circumstance;
  • To increase its profit and output to the highest level of quality;
  • To satisfy its clients with the services it renders.


OWWDSE is committed to carry out its duties and responsibilities to the highest standard of quality within the agreed timeframe in order to satisfy its clients. Thus, it adheres to such operating principles or values as:

  • Dedication to the welfare of the people,
  • Devotion to professional integrity and principles of ethics,
  • Committed to clients’ satisfaction,
  • Works in partnership with similar service providers and others with authenticity,
  • Places priority on employees’ development, rather than process improvement,
  • Works in transparency, accountability, fairness and equal opportunity,
  • Cost consciousness,
  • Teamwork spirit and innovation.

Certification & Legal Entity:

OWWDSE has been registered and licensed at the competent authorities under the Ethiopian law to carry out study, design, contract administration and construction supervision/management services in the country and abroad. Accordingly, it has been registered for eligibility and validity in public engagement and obligations. Among such compliances are:

  • Trade and registration license at Oromia Trade and Industry Bureau;
  • Tax clearance certificate, and value-added tax (VAT) certificate at Oromia Inland Revenues Bureau;
  • Tax-payer registration certificate at Oromia Finance and Economic Development Bureau;
  • Registration for trade mark protection at the Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office;
  • “Certificate of Consulting Firm, Grade 1” at the Ministry of Water and Energy.

Oromia Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise (OWWDSE)

Tel: +251-114-392162/ 2162 / 2080
Fax: +251-114-392008
Location: Finfinne, Akaki-Kaliti Subcity,