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Modern Pipe Manufacturing PLC

Modern Pipe Manufacturing PLC (MPM PLC) is a Private Limited Company established as a Joint venture of Ethiopian private investors and foreign company in the year 2011/2012 to manufacture quality Unplastisized PolyVinyl Chloride (UPVC) & HDPE pipes. Modern Pipe manufacturing PLC (MPM) is one of the leading UPVC pipe manufacturing companies in Ethiopia with three production lines.

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Modern Pipe Manufacturing PLC –

Modern Pipe Manufacturing PLC is ISO certified by ISOQAR. The Company was constructed with the major objective of import substitution and supply of locally made products manufactured in highest quality standards. Our UPVC pipes are manufactured as per international standards ISO 4422-2/1996 and DIN 8061/8062.MPM manufactures UPVC pipes with outside diameter (OD) from 63 – 630 mm and pressure range of  (PN) 4 – 25 Bar in different colors and HDPE pipes from 16-110 mm with pressure ranges of  (PN) 6 – 25 Bar. Since water is our most precious resource and vital to our life providing a convenient and clean transportation is the most important factor that MPM plays a huge role on it, providing the most applicable pipes using well advance technology which are applicable to any use. MPM pipes are used for different purposes:Brewery pipelines Installation

  • Corrosive Fluid pipelines
  • Chemical plants lines
  • Coal washing
  • Paper mill installation
  • Drainage installations domestic & industrial
  • Power station screening plants pipelines
  • Power station chlorination plants
  • Sewerage main and Drain lines
  • Slurry Lines
  • Water mains and portable water supplies

Technical Information

Modern Pipe Manufacturing PLC manufactures a range of high quality pipes in ISO and DIN standards for cold water services .The pipes are manufactured in 100% virgin unplastisized  polyvinyl chloride compound and  exhibit excellent resistance to aggressive environments both naturally occurring and as a result of industrial activity. They are resistant to almost all types of corrosion, either chemical or electrochemical in nature. Since UPVC is a non conductor, galvanic and electro chemical effects do not occur in UPVC pipes.

Characteristics MPU UPVC Pipes

  • Suitable for portable water Non toxic
  • Light weight ratio
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Rigid and high impact resistance
  • Smooth internal surface for reduction of friction loss
  • Resistant to abrasion and corrosion
  • Not subject to electrical  conduction
  • Impermeable to gas
  • Suitable for temperature from 0 to 60 oC

Pressure Rating

The nominal working pressures are calculated to give continuous use for over 50 years. UPVC pipes are not recommended for operating at temperature of 600c or 1400F. The operating pressure is for temperature at 200c as temperature increases the pressure rating of the pipe decreases and an appropriate de-rating factor should be applied as follows.

Quality Control

MPM plc have high quality laboratory equipped with the highest technologically available equipments to test the finished pipe and raw materials. The major quality tests that MPM applies are Visual inspection, Dimensional measurements, Methylene chloride test, Longitudinal Heat reversion  test, Water absorption, Specific Gravity, Hydrostatic pressure test, Impact Test and Parallel Plates test.


Modern Pipe Manufacturing PLC

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