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CORE Consulting Engineers PLC

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Core Consulting Engineers PLC –

CORE CONSULTING ENGINEERS PLC is a Highway, Bridge and Water Resource Design and Construction works Consulting firm registered with the Ministry of Works & Urban Development, Ministry of water resource, Ministry of finance and Economic Cooperation of Ethiopia and ISO certified company 9001:2008

The Company has the required professionals, management setup and facilities to provide out standing consultancy services in the Road, Bridge and Water Sector. Currently there are more than 290 employees that include technical, management and administrative staff.

Mission, vision & Values

  • Our Vision is to be East African Icon that contributes to the ever improving quality of life through Civil and Environmental Engineering Consultancy Services by 2025.
  • Our mission is to provide Innovative, Economical, Sustainable as well as Contextual Civil and Environmental Engineering Solution to the Government, Non-Government, Private sector, and the International Market maximum satisfaction.

Our values

  • High value and respect to our clients’ needs
  • Emphasis on cost, quality and time
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Continuous training and upgrading of our professionals
  • Professionalism and professional ethics
  • Dynamic management system
  • Continuous improvement
  • Striving for meeting international standards
  • Team spirit and harmony within diversity
  • Accountability and Transparency

Quality Policy

CORE’s quality policy is to deliver products that meet or exceed the requirements set by our clients and regulatory bodies which will enhance its reputation. CORE will consistently strive to improve its quality by maintaining an effective quality management system complying with the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001:2008. Moreover, CORE will communicate its quality policy with its customers, employees, vendors and partners.  CORE shall also establish and maintain appropriate controls and conduct periodic reviews of its attainment of the quality policy and objectives.

Quality Objective

The overall quality objective is established by complying with all the established procedures, quality standards, and relevant safety requirements and statutory regulations. We therefore:

  • Clearly understand the current and potential future requirements and expectations of our customers.
  • Work closely with our customers, suppliers and partners to achieve business and quality objectives.
  • Implement quality management in a systematic and planned way through the application of management systems that support the delivery of the business plan
  • Educate and train our employees to support the delivery of high quality work
  • Establish and measure performance and customer satisfaction against appropriate quality objectives and/or targets.
  • Keep records from the vital part of the system requirements to ensure that the quality system remains effective and to get feedback from the system.
  • Communicate with customers, employees, vendors and partners and use their inputs to meet their expectations.

CORE Consulting Engineers PLC

Tel: +251-11-320 6032, +251-11-372 7013
Tel: +251-11-869 0978
Fax: +251-11-320 6033

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