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Anchor Waterproofing Works

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Anchor Waterproofing Works –

ANCHOR Waterproofing Work is a waterproofing system specialist in Ethiopia. As a specialist for waterproofing systems, we offer the most extensive & efficient waterproofing system installation for the protection of buildings. We have an experience team to provide consultation & installation on waterproofing works or repair water leakages problem in a building. Using the latest technology in waterproofing work, our company is the leading specialist in commercial, residential and industrial waterproofing works.

To protect buildings from being damaged by water, waterproofing system is one of the major challenges for designers, engineers and builders or constructors. Waterproofing system is actually a minor component of the overall construction development. However, the waterproofing system is a very important element to ensure successful construction project and the buildings’ function. With years of experience in waterproofing system installation and repairs in Ethiopia, Our Company has involved in hundreds of waterproofing projects and has continued to perform professional waterproofing installation solutions.

As a leading waterproofing system contractor, We use the latest technology to handle any waterproofing needs. All work is done by highly trained waterproofing technicians with years of experience and overseen by experienced project manager.


To deliver acceptable water proofing works in all ranges with professional manner with our compromising quality and client requirements at competitive offers.


  • To be one of the most respected and loyal water proofing works in the country and to play major role in the country in making water proofing work as main sector of the construction
  • To make the company to one of the biggest water proofing works in the country.

 Believe/ Values

  • Our believe is to grow with our clients in win- win principle.
  • Our skills are developed with intentions to exceed clients intereset and requirement.
  • We are fuelled by our desire and passion towards an objective.
  • We believe our clients are main source of knowledge and commitement.
  • We trust our clients and supplier as our loyal and long term partners, and we feel their pain as ours and vis versa.
  • We deploy solutions based on our clients’ needs not ours.

Why we start the business

  • We believes that, the current government opportunities in the construction sector specially water proofing works are a real way out to develop our business.
  • We are fully committed to provide acceptable and competitive offers without compromising quality and customer requirements.
  • We believe that we can have a big role in the construction sector specially water proofing works, if we participate in the area along the government policies and strategies.
  • We decide to establish the company because we have good work experience and we believe if we could have a company we make a difference from the current situation we really in.

Reasons to Choose Anchor Waterproofing Works

  • We uses the latest technology and application systems.
  • Superior workmanship for every project.
  • Long-term warranty for peace of mind.
  • Problems solved within a short duration.
  • Professional team of skilled personnel.

Our Services

  • Torch Membrane Waterproofing Works
  • Epoxy Flooring Waterproofing Works
  • Basement Waterproofing Works
  • Exterior Foundation Waterproofing Works
  • Sealant Waterproofing Work

Our Products

  • GRP Water Tank
  • Construction Chemicals

Anchor Waterproofing Works

Tel. +251-11-663 4484, Fax. +251-11-663 4460
Mobile: +251-91-151 1588