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Afro-Tsion-Construction-PLC Afro-Tsion Construction PLC

Afro-Tsion Construction PLC has been involved in the construction of the nation’s largest university complex buildings and roads, bridges, various government offices complexes, huge industrial projects, Hospital, Stadiums and different private commercial projects throughout the country.

Founded in 1998 G.C by Engineer Sisay Desta at an initial capital of 50,000.00 Birr as Grade 7 Contractor, Afro-Tsion Construction PLC is one of the largest and leading general contractors in Ethiopia. Afro Tsion is stationed in its own newly built head quarter in Addis Ababa in a way from 22 Mazoriya to Bole Medhanialem nearby St. Gebreal Hospital. An ISO 9001:2000 certified company, Afro-Tsion construction PLC, has been involved in the construction of most of the nation’s largest university complex Buildings and roads, bridges various government office complexes, huge industrial projects, Hospitals, stadiums and different private commercial projects throughout the country.

Besides, through its sister companies, Afro-Tsion Construction PLC is engaged in real estate, manufacturing of construction Materials and in import businesses. The management of Afro-Tsion Construction PLC is known for its commitment in financing short term and long term trainings for its employees and in acquiring value adding technology with the objective of continuously improving its processes and systems. Other than the various donations, the number of fully equipped schools it has constructed and handed over to the society in remote areas of Ethiopia speaks about its contribution towards fulfilling social responsibilities. In general, by providing quality service with integrity and fairness, Afro-Tsion construction PLC strives to make a difference in the construction sector of its home market and beyond.  The company with its rich experience and qualified manpower aims to become the customer’s first choice in Africa and in the international market in general for its quality service and on time delivery and at an affordable price.

Our Services and Sector of Experience

Since its establishment the company have accomplished and delivered residential building. Universities, apartments, shopping centers, corporate headquarters, hospitals, roads, bridges, airfields, sport academies and stadiums and industry and factories with an amount of $271.871, 098.16 / two hundred seventy one million eight hundred seventy one thousand ninety eight and 16/100 dollars./and currently have $305,777,737.34/three hundred five million seven hundred seventy seven thousand seven hundred thirty seven and 34/100 dollar/ worth new and to be closed projects.

Our services

  • Building Construction
  • Road Construction
  • Bridges Construction
  • Stadiums Construction


Today, the construction sector is highly prone to many hazards and accident potential, since construction materials, tools, machinery and handling techniques all come with their own dangers. As a result, the Environment, Health & safety matter is front mind in every aspects of our constriction.

To ensure safety and health of our employees, workers and subcontractors and to proactively manage those hazardous incidents, we adopt the Safety, Health and Environmental Management System/SHE/ in all our construction projects. The system ensures that our staff work under acceptable Occupational Safety and Health conditions and sets the SHE procedures in managing contractors. The SHE also prescribes our environmental protection measures to keep our work environmentally sustainable.

Moreover, for effective implementation of the SHE procedure and policy the company has in place appropriate structure and business processes. The SHE division mainly focus on ensuring implementation of stipulated internal and external regulation in regard to safety standards, feeling quarries and forestation, proper disposal of wastages, proper utilizationof new machineries, equipment, vehicles and related to minimize pollution. In addition, reusable still and/or aluminum props are being utilized to replace the eucalyptus tree and minimize deforestation.


AFRO_TSION construction is determined for ensuring that the projects are implemented in a socially responsible manner incorporating sound environmental management practices and also perform utmost effort to ensure fair & just practices through public consultation.

By creating a significant impact on the communities we build, our social responsibility extends in many directions. We promote corporate philanthropy through a variety of causes, one of which is expressing our commitment to support an ongoing strategy for the Education. We built three different schools in different area to provide children access to Education.

The other is a football team which comprises of more than 86 youths and established with a vision of getting prospective football players for the country.  The team has permanent employees of coaches, team leaders and coordinators. It is divided in to A level / under 13 years/, B level / under 15 years/ and c level /under 17 years/

Our Mission

The management of Afro-Tsion Construction PLC is dedicated to providing quality construction service using competent and motivated employees, ensuring occupational safety, by adopting new technology, investing in appropriate machineries and equipment, by expanding the existing manufacturing activities of construction materials and by executing projects to the level of customer’s expectation or beyond thereby fulfilling the satisfaction of our customers.

Our Vision

To magnify its global presence by becoming one of the leading General contractors in Africa, being known for quality and on time delivery.

Our Core Values

Quality: Build Excellence.Safety: is the only way to work.Integrity: we do what we say.Resourcefulness: we are a can do, get-it done company.Customer Satisfaction: we listen, we build trusting relationship and we stand behind our work.Social Responsibility: we are committed to the community, environment and employee.

Afro-Tsion Construction Quality Policy

The Top Management of Afro-Tsion Construction PLC is highly committed to:
Deliver Buildings,Bridges,Roads, and other Construction services that can satisfy the requirement of he clients related statutory and regulatory requirements Of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System through the active involvement of its competent and motivated employees and other stakeholders.Drive continual improvement throughout the organization by improving the efficiency of its employees: by engaging in quality construction materials production and by using appropriate machinery and technologies this quality policy will be reviews as appropriate for continuing suitability

Afro-Tsion Construction P.L.C 

Tel: +251 11 567 2051, Fax: 251 11 667 2050
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