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Adama Steel Factory

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Adama Steel Factory –

Adama Steel Factory (ASF) is established with a capital of Br. 40 million in the year 2003 E.C by local investor, at Oromia Regional State Adama town, 90 km far from the capital city, Addis Ababa that is found west of Adama Town, bounded by main rail and express way with a total area 40,000m2 land through recruitment of 65 employee.

We were supplying Ega Sheet, Tiles Profiles and Corrugated Sheet for governmental, private company, individual house builders and wholesale traders through importation of galvanized and pre-painted iron sheet on coil. Later on by considering its complementariness of nail for the construction industry, the factory expands to produce normal nail, so that, today Adama steel and nail factory has expanded by inclusion of higher capacity galvanization industry established with a capital of birr 570 million, has been producing different types of steel sheet products, various diameter wire, different size nail, and twisted nail.

Currently the factory is at implementation of different integrated steel industries to meet the customer requirement, increase value addition with local cost and to be best competitor in the sector, through production of galvanized, color coated iron sheet and production of other inputs for the construction industries, locally with a total capital of birr 1.97 billion.

We introduce our diverse product basically to local market and plan to supply for foreign market. We are the largest market share holder of steel sheet and nail products in the country and open branches in different region of Ethiopia, Hawassa and Bahirdar & four showrooms at Addis Ababa Bole back side of Millennium hall; CMC St. Michael Zelalem building 2nd floor; Gotera Condominium and Lebu around Haile garment to make easy access for our valuable customers.

Adama Steel Factory: Vision, Mission and Core Values

As a business organization determination of where to go and speculating point of success, has a measuring unit of performance level for the over whole management effort; subsequently corporate management of Adama business group has decided to meet the following organization vision, mission, and values.


“To become the best competitor, leading producer and preferred supplier in all of its business engagements”



“Forming a multi-sector organization through its competent management and employees leading the market by quality products and services provided using the state of the art of technology, fair price and fair competition through making most value addition locally”


Core Values

To achieve the aforementioned mission Adama steel and nail factory has the following core values:

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Prefabricated quality products and customer service
  3. Reliable business relations with business community around the world
  4. Carrying out all the legal requirements
  5. Continuous employee development and participation
  6. Environmental protection and social responsibility
  7. Using the latest art in production technology
  8. Sustainable growth and profitability
  9. Team work and organization wide cooperation

Adama Steel Factory products:

    • Ethio Tiles (1200mm-ppGI/GI)
    • Adama Tiles (12000MM-PPGI)
    • Momina Tiles (1000MM-PPGI)
    • EGA-500 Color (1200 MM PPGI)
    • Corrugated Sheet (Galvanized Sheet 1000MM-GI)
    • Roof Accessories (Adama Ridge – 400-460MM)
    • Corrugated Steel (PPGI)
    • Roof Accessories (Gutter, Flashing, Ridge, Roof cover, Valley Gutter
    • Nails

Adama Steel Factory

Tel: 0940 808080, 0940 909090
Tel: 0940 606060, 0221 119020