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Ethiopia Construction [] is an information dissemination online construction business portal that has been working over Seven+ years specializing in Construction business news, business opportunities, trade links, trade fairs and online business directory. has a comprehensive and up to date Business Directory that contains a database of companies which are operating in Ethiopia. These various companies offering products and services are categorized based on their operations as well as in alphabetical order of the names of the organizations. This way of arranging the companies in our database allows existing and potential customers to easily access the advertising companies’ products and services.

The major business categories include Constructions Materials Suppliers, Machinery and Equipment Suppliers, Construction Professional Service Providers and Construction related foreign Suppliers around the world.

This ensures that yours company details are always available if prospective customers are looking for a company in your area of expertise. To further enhance your business experience, we can offer a custom design page in our online business directory for advertising your company’s products and services under the category of your operation.


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